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Charlie and I made it safely back home from the airport at 2am. He was starving! My kids are in love with him, and so is my husband! Thank you so much for all you've done breeding and raising Charlie and his siblings! And thank you for being so patient with me. I love him very much already. Thank you! -Amber and Family
Palm Harbor, FL

Hi Jonshon - Just thought I'd send you a few pictures of our baby - we named her Brandy and our St bernard Buster loves her as well. Hope things are well, have a wonderful holiday season. I passed your name on to someone else who is looking for an english bulldog.Williamsburg, VA

Preston is vacationing on the gulf coast beach this week. Pic is my granddaughter Claire. They are inseparable! He is almost 14 months old now and very happy! Thanks again for breeding such a fine dog! Lorna
Best Regards,
Tampa, FL

I purchased Brownie (Remmy now) from a lovely family in Bird in hand, Pa. I found him on Lancaster Puppies on a Friday afternoon and immediately fell in love with him. I contacted the man (I forget his name) and after a few hours they returned my call and later that night I was on my way to pick up my puppy. Very clean house and I could tell the puppy received lots of love from the children. We have had Remmy now for about two weeks and I am so glad we decided to add him to our home. He's very playful and my other dog (a chihuahua) loves that she has a playmate. Thank you so much!! Whitney

I just want to thank Bow Wow Hollow Puppies for giving us our Border Collie, Callie. From sleeping with daddy, not wanting mommy to leave for work, or begging to be helped up on the chair to cuddle, she is the sweetest puppy a family could ever ask for. Within the first week of having her, we went through a little rough patch of her having a really upset tummy. But I feel as if that bonded us even more. My fiancé was a little skeptical of getting a puppy. But I hear him tell her every day that he loves her, as I do as well. She is a wonderful addition to the family and I can't wait to see her keep growing. Her 'mane' is starting to come in and its coming in perfectly.! Thank You Again Bow Wow Hollow Puppies.! I can't thank you enough.
Heidi H.

I picked up Darling last week, 3/11/15, and she has been a great little pup! She went to the vet on Monday and got a clean bill of health as well. She is best buddies with our current Boston, Mugs, and we are looking forward to the two of them being lifelong companions. I would make the 2 hour drive (one way) all over again. She is fantastic and beautiful. Henry spoke with me several times on the phone and answered every one of my questions. He was great in person as well. I would definitely consider getting another pup there, if we ever decide to add to our pack. Thanks Henry!





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